Social Media For Real Estate Agents  

Cheerful businessman and businesswoman concluding a dealYou are probably looking for means on how to expand your market if you are a real estate agent. There are numerous social media sites that can be used for such purpose these days, which is the reason why doing such is not that hard. As a matter of fact, there are 3 frequent websites where these agents are normally visiting to offer their services to clients and these include Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. You are about to discover why these social media sites are very effective way to expand market in the next few paragraphs.

LinkedIn – this is extremely effective for getting referrals. Simply think of LinkedIn as a place where resumes are posted online. You could start it by creating your resume and entering your current and even past jobs, educational attainments, notable achievements and rewards and the likes.

What made this social media site so powerful is the next process as it will be scanning your email contacts and then, linking you to everyone you know. After that, if you check out the pages of your connections, you are going to see who they’re connected with. What this social media here is basically focused on is to assist people to gather business network and find new opportunities, jobs or in agent’s case, clients.

Facebook – in keeping in touch with referrals from friends/clients or with past clients, Facebook is the right for you. If there’s any industry today that can tap to Facebook’s potential, it’s none other than the real estate industry. Facebook is a social media where you can connect easily to entire social sphere regardless if it is business contacts or just friends and families. You may post photos, updates and whatever in your life and have your friends view it. It is an excellent way of staying on top of mind with your previous clients. Facebook is additionally has a more casual look than LinkedIn so it is ideal to just keep your tone be casual.

Twitter – if you want to establish your reputation and find new leads, then this is the website for you. Twitter is considered as a micro-blogging service; meaning, you send very short notes a handful of times throughout the day to your network or otherwise called as Followers.

The people who’ve chosen to follow your updates are your followers and they can either be your friends or just total strangers. It is termed as Tweet when you start sending a message and it might be seen by all your followers and even be searched by the public. You will be able to generate new prospects by simply tweeting on relevant info of real estate in your locality through this.

Social Media For Real Estate Agents  

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